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    *OR get it at the Happiness #4 release party July 27th, or at RIPExpo August 2nd & 3rd. However, if you can’t make it to either event, all pre-orders will be mailed the first and second week of August, and will also help pay for the remaining printing costs & contributing artist stipends! 

    Description: Issue #4 is another jam-packed issue of Happiness. Features 25 short comics by alternative cartoonists from across the country and overseas, plus: interviews with artists, cartoonists, galleries, musicians/bands, and other community organizers, as well as written essays and a spotlight section on contemporary show flyer art.

    **Comes with a full-length music compilation CD!**

    Specs: 7.875” x 10.5”x ~.5”, 192 pages total (152 B&W offset pgs, 40 full-color pgs), perfect bound.

    Featured comic artists include:

    • Alex Williams
    • Antoine Cossé
    • Cathy G. Johnson
    • Claire Donner
    • Courtney Loberg
    • Diego Gerlach
    • Félix Decombat
    • Gretta Johnson
    • Hiromi Ueyoshi
    • Katrina Clark
    • Lale Westvind
    • Lasse Wandschneider
    • Leah Wishnia
    • Leslie Weibeler
    • Maren Karlson
    • Max Morris
    • Michael Olivo
    • Mike Funk
    • Mimi Chrzanowski
    • Nathan Ward
    • Noel Freibert
    • O Horvath
    • Pat Keck
    • Rand Renfrow

    With flyer & poster art from:

    • Abraham Díaz
    • Alexander Heir
    • Anna Ehrlemark
    • Dunja Jankovic
    • Elijah Funk
    • Eric Benton
    • Eugene Terry
    • Jess Poplawski
    • Lisa Czech
    • Katrina Clark
    • Kelsey Short
    • Mar Estrama
    • Matthew Thurber
    • Michael Comeau
    • Mike Taylor
    • Nate Doyle
    • Sam Ryser

    And Interviews with:

    • Ben Trogdon
    • Downtown Boys
    • Drut PD & Tumbleweave
    • Good Press Gallery
    • Jordan Speer
    • Josh Freydkis
    • Lyra Hill
    • School Jerks with Tara Bursey
    • Suzy X

    Plus Essays by:

    • Dave Morse
    • Jes Skolnik

    With music tracks by:

    • Astral Aperture
    • Brothers Hand Mirror
    • Creep Highway
    • Cremalleras
    • Dead Wife
    • Downtown Boys
    • Drut PD
    • Foster Care
    • Las Otras
    • Lumpy & The Dumpers
    • Matthew Thurber
    • Nandas
    • Olivia Neutron-John 
    • Shopping
    • Splattertron
    • Tether (formerly Pak)
    • Thee Nodes
    • Trash Tide
    • Tumbleweave
    • School Jerks

    Front cover art of Happiness #4 by Jordan Speer. Inside cover art by Jason Murphy, album art by Lale Westvind, tracks mastered by GW Duncanson.

    Above: excerpts of comics by Lale Westvind, Félix Decombat, Lasse Wandschneider, Leah Wishnia, Katrina Clark, O Horvath, & More

    Get issues 1-3 here

    Issue #4 of Happiness is finally coming out and I’m psyched! This is the heavy, heaving, hard hitter ***COMIX MAGAZINE*** that’s got it all. Leah Wishnia gets more ambitious with each issue, this thing is evolving fast. Gun Tit is playing the release party and I have a comic in here about getting into a car crash, becoming two people and fucking yourself. CHECK IT!

    I have a comic in here about middle school, guns, boys, dweebs, big boobs, and Pace Picante sauce. PREORDER!

  2. New 12 pg sketchbook zine, Little Fucking Ferret Creatures.


  3. lineworknw:

    Linework NW is at its heart a gathering of remarkable creators, editors, illustrators, cartoonists, and publishers who represent some of the best work that is being produced in these mediums today.
    Each day from now until the show we are going to be highlighting the amazing creators of Linework…
  4. Snake n' R. Storey
    M. Moseley-Smith, OIERSM
    Rat Peck!
    Max Clotfelter, INTRUDER
    Marc Palm, INTRUDER


    Snakebomb Comix is an exhibitor at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend! We’ll have ultra special guests Patrick Keck, O.I.E.R.S.M. (Mike & Reuben) and a couple Intruder Comics goons in attendance. Look f’r table 39B or just follow the cartoon stink lines!

    The show is Saturday & Sunday, July 12th & 13th, from 11am-5pm @ Ambridge Events Center 1333 NE MLK (a couple blocks north of Broadway & MLK) in Portland Oregon. FREE ADMISSION!

  5. Veiled Monk of Gall (part 1). Originally appeared in Bogwitch #3.

  6. Veiled Monk of Gall (part 2).

  7. Abysmal Pit by Patrick Keck. Originally appeared in Master P’s Theater.

  8. Ugly Moon by Patrick Keck. Originally appeared in Sonatina #2.

  9. One new page of Peepers over at the Study Group Comics website! BURMBURM BURMBURM BURMBURM.

  10. One new page of Peepers over at the Study Group Comics website! The  Meatmen will follow.