1. New 12 pg sketchbook zine, Little Fucking Ferret Creatures.


  2. lineworknw:

    Linework NW is at its heart a gathering of remarkable creators, editors, illustrators, cartoonists, and publishers who represent some of the best work that is being produced in these mediums today.
    Each day from now until the show we are going to be highlighting the amazing creators of Linework…
  3. Snake n' R. Storey
    M. Moseley-Smith, OIERSM
    Rat Peck!
    Max Clotfelter, INTRUDER
    Marc Palm, INTRUDER


    Snakebomb Comix is an exhibitor at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend! We’ll have ultra special guests Patrick Keck, O.I.E.R.S.M. (Mike & Reuben) and a couple Intruder Comics goons in attendance. Look f’r table 39B or just follow the cartoon stink lines!

    The show is Saturday & Sunday, July 12th & 13th, from 11am-5pm @ Ambridge Events Center 1333 NE MLK (a couple blocks north of Broadway & MLK) in Portland Oregon. FREE ADMISSION!

  4. Veiled Monk of Gall (part 1). Originally appeared in Bogwitch #3.

  5. Veiled Monk of Gall (part 2).

  6. Abysmal Pit by Patrick Keck. Originally appeared in Master P’s Theater.

  7. Ugly Moon by Patrick Keck. Originally appeared in Sonatina #2.

  8. One new page of Peepers over at the Study Group Comics website! BURMBURM BURMBURM BURMBURM.

  9. One new page of Peepers over at the Study Group Comics website! The  Meatmen will follow.

  10. sinusproblem:

    My pages from Snakebomb #2, P. Keck 2011.

    Snakebomb #3 is on the way! Es gonna be a punisher.

    These two pages are for sale now at my store!
    Page 1, Page 2.